Congratulations to the Winners of the Artists Magazine Over 60 Competition!

Congratulations to the Winners of the Artists Magazine Over 60 Competition!

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Artists Magazine is proud to present the winners of 2019’s Over 60 Competition. Take a look at the winners below and join us in celebrating these inspiring works of art!

Art competitions are a great way to showcase your work, get your art noticed and add to your CV. Check out our Competitions page for more info!

Morning Drinks, Tsumcor depicts a herd of kudu at the Tsumcor waterhole, in Etosha, Namibia. I’ve spent many hours at this place with sketchbook and pencils in hand and camera at the ready, soaking up the atmosphere that’s unique to Africa. The painting took me about six weeks, working about eight hours every day. There was a good amount of wiping off, redrawing and repositioning before I was satisfied with the composition.”–Paul B. Dixon

“We had just relocated and were making many trips to home improvement stores when we decided to stop at this sweet little spot. Walking in was like stepping into a time machine. Everything was orange—walls, counter, stools, menus, waitresses’ uniforms. Then I noticed a family of three at the counter, all wearing orange! I had to take some snaps for a painting.”–Jeri Greenberg

Offering of Strength was inspired by the idea of strength during hardship and adversity. The subject holds ginkgo leaves, which have been a symbol of strength for hundreds of years. She represents all women—regardless of status, race or background—and the way they carry themselves with dignity as they deal with struggles throughout their lives.” –Barbara Hack

“The inspiration for Bananas came when I turned a corner at my local grocery store and saw before me an entire landscape of bananas resting below a seemingly magical light. Even in contrived, highly staged settings, experiences like these are fleeting. The next day most of the bananas, along with the light, were gone, the tableau never to repeated in quite the same way again.”–Stephan Hoffpauir

“When I saw the Yosemite Valley trees glowing in the late afternoon sun, I jumped out of my car and snapped pictures. Back in the studio, I worked without brushes. First I applied liquid masking fluid with a metal palette knife. When this dried, I wet the paper, poured on watercolor diluted with water and then allowed it to dry. Working from light to dark, I repeated this process until I’d completed Yosemite Light.”–Sandy Delehanty

“While visiting the Arizona Renaissance Festival, I caught one of the performers in a candid pose as he greeted spectators. I was captivated by the natural light hitting the white hair sticking out of his burlap hat, and his expression had just the right amount of swag. Colored pencil was the ideal medium for this piece; it offered the control of a tiny instrument that could render almost any texture—from whiskers to garment threads.” –Barbara Dahlstedt

Arno is part of my series that includes 25 portraits of people aged 90 to 104 plus my interviews with each person about their lives and how they’ve dealt with aging. Arno, who died recently, was a Holocaust survivor. He and his brother were separated from their family in Germany as part of the Kindertransport rescue effort. His brother was apprehended and sent to Auschwitz. An elderly couple in Holland hid Arno in a small room in a row house for two years.” –Janet Boltax

“I was inspired to paint Tulle Rainbow by the array of colors and the airy feel and movement of the layers. I used watercolor pencils for the initial sketch, which helped me to achieve the soft shades of color and to keep the edges defined. The setbacks came when I realized a thread was going off-kilter, making the piece quite an exercise in perspective and accuracy.” –Cher Pruys

“I’ve always wanted to be perceived as a storyteller. In The Guests Arrive, the hostess waits with excitement for her carnival guests. Half masks will only partially hide their real egos. Oscar Wilde said, “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.’ ” –Jon Bøe Paulsen

“My friend Dorthe’s daughter was leaving for college. Using a photograph from years ago of a child’s first pony ride, I knew I could wind those complicated feelings of love and nostalgia within a watercolor. As I worked,
I explored questions like, ‘What color is love?’ ‘Will your child always follow you?’ ‘Will she want to come home?’ Some were answered in the abstraction.”–Lesley Humphrey

Thank you to everyone who entered the Artists Magazine Over 60 Competition! We saw many more wonderful artworks than we could possibly feature, and we’re already looking forward seeing more in the next round of Over 60, opening later this year.

Feeling inspired yourself? Take a look at our open competitions–we’re waiting to see your masterpiece!

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