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Top 10 Paintings from The Artists Magazines 2011 Over 60 Art Competition

Top 10 Paintings from The Artists Magazines 2011 Over 60 Art Competition

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Ranging in age from 61 to 83 the winners of our Over 60 Art Competition share their works. Read their stories in the March 2011 issue of Magazine.


Sisters (tempera and ink resist, 28×36)
by Georgia P. Doubler, age 83, Green Valley, Arizona


Summer Wildflowers and Corn (pastel, 19×21)
by Marcia Wegman, age 75, Iowa City, Iowa


Sunday Morning (pastel, 19×14)
by Ellan Dreibelbis, age 63, Oakland, California


The Sweeper (acrylic, 48×36)
by Patton Hunter, age 67, St. Petersburg, Florida


Pomegranates With a Red Vase (oil, 15.75×33.5)
by Demetrios Vlachos, age 64, Moudania, Greece


Portrait of Barry (oil, 24×24)
by Joel Spector, age 61, New Milford, Connecticut


Evening Mood (acrylic, 24×36)
by Vern Johnson, age 77, Arlington, Texas


The Secret
(oil, 20×16)
by William Whitaker, age 67, Provo, Utah


Persimmons (oil, 10×8)
by Ron Ferkol, age 68, Gerald, Missouri


Pick a Pepper (pastel, 11.25×15)
by Joan Carroll, age 69, Milton, Pennsylvania

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