Your Art Pricing Guide: Money Month on Art Opening(s) Podcast, Episode 5A

Your Art Pricing Guide: Money Month on Art Opening(s) Podcast, Episode 5A

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Welcome to Art Opening(s), the podcast where there are no gatekeepers, no stupid questions, and art for all. Hosted by Courtney Jordan and Samantha Sanders and sponsored by Network.

Your Art Pricing Guide

Money makes the world go round…or at least, money doesn’t hurt–especially if you’re an artist. In this edition of Art Opening(s) we are talking money all month, releasing an episode every week for four weeks covering who is making money in the art world, how to price your art, art for rent and answering your burning questions as well as some of our own about the almighty dollar.

In this episode we take pricing your artwork head-on, with a formula that works for every artist (sorta). The circumstances and considerations that go into that dollar sign will be unique to you, but learning how to price your artwork starts with one simple question: Are you pricing to move product or to get the full value (or a percentage) of the work as you perceive it? Keep your answer in mind as you listen.

For even more of a deep dive into how to price your artwork, check out one of our top articles of all time on the same subject of pricing artwork. Scroll down so you don’t miss the hundreds of comments artists have contributed as they share their victories and questions about all things art pricing.

This episode of Art Opening(s) is sponsored by the first ever unconventional convention devoted to drawing: SketchKon.

In this episode, I mostly monologue on:

+The artist’s headspace, and how weirdly personal and emotional pricing can be…

+The one thing that that matters most for pricing…

+The main drivers to consider for your personal art pricing guide…

Listen in as we dish on pricing when you are selling directly to collectors or in a gallery (big difference!) and what to do when you get a commission. When to raise your prices and when to drop them. And what to always keep in mind as an artist pricing for the first time.

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Meet Courtney Jordan

Courtney is an arts writer, curator and the Director of Online Content for Network. She has organized exhibitions throughout New York City and written for Drawing, Artists Magazine, Mental Floss, Smithsonian magazine and ARTnews. Art history, dishing on the latest art world scoops, and dropping everything to visit artists in the studio are what she loves best.

Meet Samantha Sanders

A writer and Artists Magazine contributor, Samantha’s work has appeared online at Catapult and The Awl. She’s a voracious reader about art, a reasonably committed museum-goer and a sporadic painter. She also finds the New York art world generally a lot nicer than she expected from the trashy tell-alls about the downtown art scene she read in high school.

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