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Behind the Scenes of the First Ever SketchKon

Behind the Scenes of the First Ever SketchKon

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Draw, Paint, Create, and Share

Countdown to a sketch-centric November in sunny Southern California for the first ever SketchKon event. SketchKon is the brainchild of Network and Sketchbook Skool, who’ve paired up to deliver the live, interactive—and fun—sketching event we thought the world needed.

As attendees, you can expect an a unconventional convention where sketch-and-draw workshop meets art materials showcase wrapped in good times with like-minded artists and soon-to-be friends.

For three fun-packed days in Pasadena, we’ll experience a non-stop smorgasbord of rich visual presentations, inspirational talks, collaborative art projects, technical demonstrations and drawing workshops, sketchcrawls, and one-on-one advice.

SketchKon will feature over 50 workshops and programs throughout the weekend, all led by the world’s top sketchbook artists. They will share tips, techniques, materials know-how and ideas on sketching and drawing, watercolor, travel journaling and pocket sketching, lettering, design, and so much more!

The SketchKon Event: An Unconventional Convention

WHO Artists, sketchers, creative dabblers, the art curious, painters, drawers, you, me, Santa, Danny Gregory, and the instructors of Sketchbook Skool and Network.

Whether you’ve never sketched or been at it for years, SketchKon is for all levels and all artists. It’s a criticism-free zone! We will playfully squash any “Am I good enough?” worries with a variety of hands-on creative experiences and unique approaches from every presenter, so your experience is all the richer for it.

WHAT Sketchkon. The unconventional convention devoted to instruction and inspiration with drawing, painting, creativity, and sharing with other artists just like you.

WHEN November 2-4, 2018, but you can sign up now to secure your spot!

WHERE SketchKon takes place in Pasadena, California. That’s where we will do sketchcrawls and drawing collaborations. We will test out tons of art materials and bond with each other over the pages of our sketchbooks as we takeover this sunny SoCal city.

WHY This will be an art experience like you’ve never had. You’ll leave the SketchKon event with a few more friends and a renewed sense of pride in being an artist. You’ll have plenty of good memories, and journey home brimming with new skills, art material know-how, and creative ideas.

HOW Visit the SketchKon website and sign up now! Space is limited and this event WILL SELL OUT so be sure to register today! See you in November!

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