10 Ways to Tell You Are Ready for Something New

10 Ways to Tell You Are Ready for Something New

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Hot Trends — Cold Wax

For most of us, the time we spend making art is the time we hold most dear. That’s why we want to let you know that if you are being beleaguered with “artist’s block” and aren’t finding your ease and rhythm in the studio quite like you used to, you might be ready for a change. Cold wax medium might be part of the answer.

10 Signals That You Need a Studio Change-Up

Here are 10 ways to tell you are ready for something new in the studio…and what that “new” might be…

  1. You love your oil paints but are tired of being tied to rules like fat over lean and the need to use varnish.
  2. Want a new painting path where there are no rights or wrong to worry about?
  3. You don’t want to have to buy a ton of new equipment or prep your studio for extra ventilation needs.
  4. You’ve got the urge to experiment with new materials.
  5. Enjoy creating texture on the surface of your painting, from subtle to strong?
  6. You are looking for ways to get rich, complex and luminous color in your work.
  7. As an oil painter, you are looking for quicker drying times and fewer restrictions.
  8. You’re a painter but oil paints have always seemed daunting to you.
  9. You are an encaustic painter but want a less toxic wax method that doesn’t require extra equipment or additional studio set-ups.
  10. You’ve heard about cold wax medium and want to know what the excitement is all about.

If any of the above strike a chord, you can suss out a new path for your creativity with cold wax. Cold wax medium is used in every style of painting, from realism to pure abstraction. The medium is liberating for artists as new and innovative approaches are discovered pretty much every time you work in the studio.

See What Cold Wax Art Is All About

With art-making, sometimes it is just best to say nothing and watch it all unfold.

In this first video, see what kind of work is possible with cold wax. Learn how you can combine it with other art mediums including photography, oil painting and encaustic. Be sure to watch to the end to see stunning contemporary examples of cold wax art!

See what cold wax is really made of, how to use it–and what NOT to do with it. Learn what rules you can break when combining cold wax with oils and what special benefits (namely, amazing texture) come with incorporating this medium into your studio process.

Learn where you can get your hands on cold wax for artists. See what kind of paints to reach for in concert with the use of the medium. Discover the simple tools you can use with it. You will also discover the surfaces that work best when working with cold wax.

Ready for Cold Wax Art

If your appetite for freedom and versatility with oils and cold wax is whetted, take the next step with the most thorough and talked-about book on the subject: Cold Wax Medium–Techniques, Concepts Conversations. The book is an all-in-one resource on the subject. It ushers you from inspiration to creative exercises to art techniques to try in the studio.

Reviews of the book

“The authors’ guide is almost impossibly comprehensive. They manage to treat the proper lighting of an atelier, the utilization of cradled panels, and glazing all in one volume. The writing is helpfully lucid and refreshingly shorn of the kind of pretentious, postmodern jargon one expects to discover in a work about contemporary art.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Whether read from cover to cover, perused for its beautiful artworks, or brought into the studio as a reference, this book will inform, delight and inspire you as you develop your own work.” –John Seed, The Huffington Post

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