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Art Competition Spotlight on Tricia George

Art Competition Spotlight on Tricia George

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Competition Spotlight artists are chosen from Artists Magazine’s Annual Art Competition finalists. Click here to learn about our open art contests and enter your best work today!

Art Competition Spotlight: Tricia George

I began Home (above) by troweling multiple layers of metallic acrylics mixed with acrylic gel mediums and colored plasters on a panel primed with STIX primer. Once those layers dried, I sanded the surface with 400-grit wet sandpaper. I had soaked the sandpaper in water so there was less friction when sanding the panel surface. Wet sanding gives the surface a glasslike feel while allowing multiple layers. I then applied additional layers of acrylic wax mixed with metallic acrylics in a range of silver, taupe, copper and bronze.

Once I was happy with the background, I proceeded to draw a grid with a graphite pencil. The grid acted as a guide for applying the aluminum leaf in a uniform pattern. Prior to applying the aluminum leaf, I coated the entire panel with water-based Wunda size for gilding.

After running out of aluminum leaf before finishing the second background layer, I improvised by using scraps of aluminum leaf found around my studio. Once I’d applied the leaf, I glazed the majority of the leaf with an asphaltum glaze in order to reduce the reflections.

My best advice is to push through the fear; don’t be afraid to make a mistake!

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