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DIY Holiday Gifts Perfect for Artists

DIY Holiday Gifts Perfect for Artists

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As artist’s we’re always looking for new ways to create and connect. The holidays are a great time to do both! The holiday season might seem far away, but like every year, they’ll be here before you can say “Happy New Year!” If your friends and family are like mine, then the holidays can also be an opportunity to show off our talents with hand-made holiday gifts.

Where to Start — Inspirations for Holiday Gifts

I love giving (and receiving) unique artistic gifts during the holidays and there are plenty of places to find great tutorials and ideas.

+Richard McKinley gives his take on a gift list for artists that serves as great inspiration if you are trying to plan gifts for the creative types in your life.

+Jeannine gets crafty making handmade papercraft holiday gifts that you can easily make with your children, grandchildren, or young students.

+Maybe in lieu of presents you will send out holiday cards with a, literal, personal touch. Hand-lettering is one answer!

A Class Pass to the Holidays

If you’re looking for something that gives you guidance and feedback and fewer filtered photos than you will find randomly searching Pinterest, then there are two holiday sessions at Artist’s Network University that are not to be missed.

Grant Fuller has designed a course for the holiday season that shows you how to bring a more personal approach to your holiday cards. You’ll create your own, unique, composition then turn it into a printable holiday card that is sure to spread seasonal cheer!

And holiday cards aren’t the only way to make your mark this holiday season! Consider creating and framing small abstracted winterscapes. Seasonal abstract compositions make great gifts! Compose quickly and loosely in black and white or make color abstracts using pastels. Then frame your completed pieces in a standard size and you are there!

Gift Ideas Worthy of the Wall

I’m sure that your friends and family will love to hang your work on their walls. There’s still plenty of time to create your work and put it under the tree for someone special! If you are looking for more inspiration to get started, take the opportunity to gift yourself with our Wish List resources. Right now the Season of Savings deal is saving up to $20. See details here and enjoy!

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