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Master the Basics with a Color Mixing Lesson from Mark Menendez

Master the Basics with a Color Mixing Lesson from Mark Menendez

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Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been painting for years, the ability to work confidently with color is one of the most essential skills an artist can possess. This color mixing lesson from Mark Menendez is a perfect introduction for beginners and a great review for more advanced painters!

Remember when you first started to learn about color as a child? You probably had a box of crayons that looked something like this:

“It’s amazing what an impact this little box has on you as far as color goes. When you started to draw something, you had to make a choice from those eight colors. If you did a landscape or a picture of your house, you had to use these colors to do it. So if you did a tree in your front yard, you had to make a choice as to what color that trunk was going to be, and you probably chose brown. It’s amazing how that sticks with you.”

“One of the best things that we can do is to get a color wheel. A color wheel is an essential tool for learning about color, and we’re going to first relate to how these colors work compared to those crayons we started with.”

“I’d like to get you to get beyond these limitations and learning how to use color, especially what’s available from your art materials store. Because when you get there, if you’re just beginning to mix colors, it can be quite confusing. So I want to help you through that.”

Our viewers say:

“This is one of the best color theory and color mixing videos I have seen. Mark explains in easy to understand terms and also demonstrates many examples. He also explains a simple method of how to mix a specific color…and does several examples. I have never seen this explained so well. I highly recommend this to all skill levels. I will certainly watch this one again.” — Lucy T,

Preview this comprehensive color mixing lesson below, and watch the full demonstration now streaming on!

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About the Artist

Mark Menendez is an acclaimed artist with artwork housed in several permanent private and corporate collections. Mark has illustrated books for several publications, including Anne Rice’s The Mummy, as well as several children’s books. He teaches several art classes and workshops per year that cover a wide variety of mediums and styles, helping students develop their skills without being bound to one genre or medium.

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