Drawing Magazine, Winter 2016 Table of Contents

Drawing Magazine, Winter 2016 Table of Contents

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The winter 2016 issue of Drawing magazine is here, and it’s all about charcoal. We look at the work of three outstanding contemporary charcoal artists–Mary Borgman, Hilary Brace and April Gornik–and we also learn a bit about the many types of charcoal you can choose from, as well as the history of the medium. (Spoiler alert: the history of charcoal goes back a loooong way.)

Other topics include manageable ways to introduce perspective into your drawing process, how to draw drapery, and highlights from a Texas museum. Click here to order a copy of the magazine, click here to download the issue, or click here to subscribe to Drawing.

Feature Articles

Charcoal Gaze
The larger-than-life portraits of Mary Borgman stem from chance encounters. By Austin R. Williams

Practical Perspective
By mastering some general principles of perspective, you can create stronger, more volumetric drawings. By Dan Gheno

The Sky’s the Limit
Hilary Brace creates powerful imaginary worlds. By Michael Woodson

Curator’s Choice: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Presenting 13 outstanding drawings from a top Texas collection. Williams
Click here to see a bonus segment from this article.

Charcoal Radiance
April Gornik imbues her large landscapes with a sense of the transcendent. By John A. Parks


Material World: Charcoal’s Charms
By Sherry Camhy

First Marks: Drawing Drapery
By Margaret Davidson

New and Notable: Mike Lee
By Michael Woodson
Click here to see a bonus gallery of drawings by Mike Lee.

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