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Adonna Khare Online Gallery

Adonna Khare Online Gallery

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California artist Adonna Khare is the star of our New and Notable column for the fall 2013 issue of Drawing. Here, we’re happy to present a few of her impressive works that we couldn’t fit in the magazine.

And you can’t really blame us. There are actually a great many places that wouldn’t fit Khare’s drawings–because they’re huge, with some of her imaginative renditions of regal fauna reaching 8 feet tall. Working on that scale gives Khare plenty of room to pack in a strange assortment of creatures and lots of unexpected details.

We hope you enjoy these wild drawings of animals, and and if you’re curious to see more, you’ll find lots of the artist’s works at To see her feature in Drawing, be sure to purchase our fall issue here.

Adonna Khare with her series “In the Clouds.”

Watch the video: Adonna Khare walks through Elephants (July 2022).


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