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Charles Reids Watercolor Solutions

Charles Reids Watercolor Solutions

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Charles Reid’s Watercolor Solutions
As one of today’s most sought-after workshop instructors (and one of your favorite authors!), Charles Reid knows the most common stumbling blocks faced by artists and the best ways to overcome them. With expert advice on everything from design and color-mixing to fine-tuning your figure and landscape paintings, Charles Reid’s Watercolor Solutions will help you identify shortcomings in your paintings, fix recurring problems, and become an all-around better artist.

Take-It-to-the-Studio Instruction!

Watercolor Fundamentals: Learn about selecting paper and arranging your palette, as well as advice on successful color mixing, tips to avoid overworking, and other easy-to-digest information you can take straight to your studio.

Focus on Figures: Novers everything from drawing features and achieving lifelike flesh tones and hair color, to lighting, poses and working with models.

Landscape Painting: Teaches you how to interpret light and shadow, build contrast, and simplify and connect shapes of value to paint engaging scenes.

Step-by-Step Demonstrations and Critiques: Makes lessons easy to understand and implement, calling out paintings’ strengths, weaknesses and how they could be improved.

Admired around the world for his use of beautiful, clean color, his way of capturing light and his direct and expressive style of painting, Charles Reid shares his best advice in these pages. His vast experience teaching hundreds of students, as well as time spent studying the works of Andrew Wyeth, John Singer Sargent, and other great masters combine together here, giving you the solutions you need for old, nagging problems, along with fresh new perspectives that will make a visible difference in your painting.

From Charles
“I’ve taught many classes and present for you, here, the most common problems discussed in critiques over the years. Hopefully you’ll find some tips in this book that will help you.”
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Browse real pages from Charles Reid’s Watercolor Secrets.

Order Charles Reid’s Watercolor Secrets DVD now.


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