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Gift Guide, 5 Gifts for Beginning Artists

Gift Guide, 5 Gifts for Beginning Artists

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Want to encourage the budding artist in your life? Here are some suggestions for gifts to stoke their creative sparks.

1. Keys to Drawing, by Bert Dodson.

One of the most popular drawing books of all-time: Keys to Drawing, by Bert Dodson. Bert Dodson’s easy-to-follow instruction makes it easy for “anyone who can hold a pencil” to learn how to draw in no time.

2. North Light Value Packs.

Most Value Packs in the North Light Shop include a full book, usually 128 pages, and a full-length DVD video workshop, between an hour and an hour and a half long. You really can’t beat the deal, $35 for the whole set, even less if you opt to get the package as a download.

3. Lee Hammond’s Big Book of Acrylic Painting and Holbein Acrylic Paint Set.

A match made in heaven! Lee Hammond is one of the friendliest artists and teachers out there, and acrylic is one of the friendliest mediums. If someone on YOUR gift list has always wanted to try painting, this Big Book of Acrylic Painting Holbein Acrylic Paint Set is absolutely the gift to get them started.

4. Artist’s Network Television.

With lots of beginner options, an ArtistsNetwork.TV subscription is a gift that will allow your budding artist to keep on learning throughout the new year. There is a subscription option for every need and budget. Choose from a 6-month unlimited, 1-year unlimited, or you can even choose to stream only watercolor painting or acrylic painting workshops.

5. Artist’s Network University.

Does the up and coming artist in your world want more personalized attention? Then give a try. Instructors provide materials, critiques and one on one guidance for 4 week courses.

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